My George

Everyone has that “friend”..the one that is always there for you, who’s happy when your happy, or comforting when your sad.  Someone to greet you at the door with the joy just radiating from their face because ……… YOU ARE FINALLY HOME!

Meet George – my giant, lovable, crazy 4 legged best friend. We’ve been friends going on 10 years now, and although he is slowing down a bit (me too) and occasionally looks at the stairs with a face that says ” Aww, c’mon….really?” he still carries his toys around and chases them with a burst of energy that any young pup would be proud to display.  He’s not much of a watch dog, but has a tail that can do some SERIOUS damage when its in motion.

George has a huge personality that matches his build, and somewhere along the way, he decided he is more human than canine.  He lets me share the bed or the sofa, and always lets me eat first (but I suspect that has more to do with a desire for leftovers than being polite).

My George is a definite asset in my life.  I can’t imagine being without him.




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