Kids: .Rewind, Replay and The Second Time Around

Diapers. Bottles. Tantrums, Bedtime. Dinnertime. And last, but definitely not least, we cant forget teething . And ear infections. Those were the good old days. Weren’t they? The long nights (actually, days) with out sleep. It is hard enough when you are a 20 something or even a 30 something. Try it when you are a 50 something! Jumping on one foot after walking over tiny Legos is a lot harder after the age of 40. This is a known fact.

Your child moves back home, bringing her children (and assorted miscellaneous 4 bedroom 1500 sq foot house furnishings) into your packed 1500 sq ft house. Where to put the stuff? Where to put the kids? Coming in from a long day at the office and seeing a two year old licking orange jello of the wall. ( Why is there orange jello on my walls? Why is he licking it off? Which is worse? Does it matter?) Oh, how I long for the sounds of silence some days.

But, in the end, they need you. All of them. So, you do what a mom does….clean and comfort and discipline and nourish. And walk the floors with the fretful baby and say “No, No” a thousand times a day to the mischievous two year old. And watch them while they sleep and marvel at the beauty and innocence of a child.

The baby bird flew out of the nest, but came back with a broken wing. Time will heal that wing and then it will be time again to fly away.

And all will be quiet in the empty nest.


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