A head first,trial run at Blogging!

Blogging- the new way to express yourself on the net! It has become the way to share the events that  brings  a smile to your face.  Or a place to vent when Murphys Law rules your day/week/month/year ( I refuse to add “life”).

It is being used full force for Ecommerce marketing, a kind of DIY sales pitch. You can promote your art, garage sale finds and family treasures.  You can even add coupons for your customers to print out and use on your site!

Blogging can keep family and friends in touch over many miles. The new baby, the divorce, the graduation, holiday pictures, sibling squabbles and Aunt Sally’s gossip.

You can post a “Blog-sume” and  find a new and exciting career, because, after all, no one can sing your praises better than you!

You can express your opinions on politics, ecommerce, sports, animal rights, religion, music and just about any other topic you can imagine (check-its out there! Sometimes, WAY out there!)

And, probably the most gratifying,  it makes you feel as if you have something important and worthwhile to say.  That someone, somewhere, will read your blog and benefit from it..either with a chuckle, by finding that one thing they couldn’t live without, or realizing that they are not alone in how they feel about the world.

And, as they say, practice makes perfect.  So, one day soon, maybe some one will benefit from my blogs!



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