Democracy, meet Apathy

After a certain point, our lives usually become routine, the old “same stuff, different day” and jobs, kids, home, bills, friends, sleep..rinse,lather, repeat.We begin to take things for granted and somewhere, in the back of our minds, we assume things will always stay the same until we decide to change them.  Apathy sneaks in and  we seldom venture out of our comfort zones.  Until one day….BOOM!  We wonder how this could happen, how did things change overnight?  Very easily it appears…we stopped paying attention.

The blame still lies with each and every one of us.  We can not be impassive, then cry out in disbelief when our world is upended. You reap what you sow. Apathy led us to this point.  But now, we need to stop and act.

Fight for the things that matter most to you.  It doesn’t matter if Democrat or Republican, Left or Right. Our basic freedoms are being threatened, our rights, as people in this country, are at risk .  Just pick one cause you can stand behind and believe in, and FIGHT for it.  Stand up and make your voice heard. Get involved, contact your representatives when you know something is wrong or could be done better. We can’t afford to keep our heads in the sand with so much at stake.

Your fate lies in your own hands.  You can’t play the victim any longer.




My George

Everyone has that “friend”..the one that is always there for you, who’s happy when your happy, or comforting when your sad.  Someone to greet you at the door with the joy just radiating from their face because ……… YOU ARE FINALLY HOME!

Meet George – my giant, lovable, crazy 4 legged best friend. We’ve been friends going on 10 years now, and although he is slowing down a bit (me too) and occasionally looks at the stairs with a face that says ” Aww, c’mon….really?” he still carries his toys around and chases them with a burst of energy that any young pup would be proud to display.  He’s not much of a watch dog, but has a tail that can do some SERIOUS damage when its in motion.

George has a huge personality that matches his build, and somewhere along the way, he decided he is more human than canine.  He lets me share the bed or the sofa, and always lets me eat first (but I suspect that has more to do with a desire for leftovers than being polite).

My George is a definite asset in my life.  I can’t imagine being without him.



Paying it forward

WE are more than just a single unit, more than just a solo participant in life.  We flourish and grow with interactions with our families, our neighbors, our country men, our universe.  And, by the same token, our actions leave their mark on our families, our neighbors, countrymen and our universe.  Live with kindness and love, joy and hope.  Remember, what you put out there, comes back to you tenfold.  We only have this  one life to live, so live in the moment and be present. Use this time you have in positive ways,  to be remembered as kind, helpful, brave and forgiving.  Pay it forward, friends.  You never know when it will be your turn in this crazy, twisted, wonderful game of life.

Kids: .Rewind, Replay and The Second Time Around

Diapers. Bottles. Tantrums, Bedtime. Dinnertime. And last, but definitely not least, we cant forget teething . And ear infections. Those were the good old days. Weren’t they? The long nights (actually, days) with out sleep. It is hard enough when you are a 20 something or even a 30 something. Try it when you are a 50 something! Jumping on one foot after walking over tiny Legos is a lot harder after the age of 40. This is a known fact.

Your child moves back home, bringing her children (and assorted miscellaneous 4 bedroom 1500 sq foot house furnishings) into your packed 1500 sq ft house. Where to put the stuff? Where to put the kids? Coming in from a long day at the office and seeing a two year old licking orange jello of the wall. ( Why is there orange jello on my walls? Why is he licking it off? Which is worse? Does it matter?) Oh, how I long for the sounds of silence some days.

But, in the end, they need you. All of them. So, you do what a mom does….clean and comfort and discipline and nourish. And walk the floors with the fretful baby and say “No, No” a thousand times a day to the mischievous two year old. And watch them while they sleep and marvel at the beauty and innocence of a child.

The baby bird flew out of the nest, but came back with a broken wing. Time will heal that wing and then it will be time again to fly away.

And all will be quiet in the empty nest.

A head first,trial run at Blogging!

Blogging- the new way to express yourself on the net! It has become the way to share the events that  brings  a smile to your face.  Or a place to vent when Murphys Law rules your day/week/month/year ( I refuse to add “life”).

It is being used full force for Ecommerce marketing, a kind of DIY sales pitch. You can promote your art, garage sale finds and family treasures.  You can even add coupons for your customers to print out and use on your site!

Blogging can keep family and friends in touch over many miles. The new baby, the divorce, the graduation, holiday pictures, sibling squabbles and Aunt Sally’s gossip.

You can post a “Blog-sume” and  find a new and exciting career, because, after all, no one can sing your praises better than you!

You can express your opinions on politics, ecommerce, sports, animal rights, religion, music and just about any other topic you can imagine (check-its out there! Sometimes, WAY out there!)

And, probably the most gratifying,  it makes you feel as if you have something important and worthwhile to say.  That someone, somewhere, will read your blog and benefit from it..either with a chuckle, by finding that one thing they couldn’t live without, or realizing that they are not alone in how they feel about the world.

And, as they say, practice makes perfect.  So, one day soon, maybe some one will benefit from my blogs!